Open-source / private Evernote alternative: Paperwork

I use tools like Google Keep and Evernote from time to time to manage my pile of recipies, data and “knowledge” (what ever that’d be ;)). However, I don’t feel really comfortable and looked for alternatives. There are certain plugins for ownCloud, however, these are basically text-editors at best… Never liked that idea. So I came around Paperwork:
Truth beeing told: It is still in development. It is as bleeding edge as it gets. Sharp as a knife. And yes – I forgot to do backups of my (until then not used) database and lost a lot of data on an simple update… (Yep, the reason why I introduced you to automysqlbackup some days ago…).
But at the moment, it is working very well and I like it very much. I think it will become an really great tool :)!

Private Dropbox/Google Drive/File Sync: Syncthing

I tested quite a lot of sync tools out there: Dropbox, G-Drive, Bittorrent Sync, ownCloud, plain Rsync,… You name it.
But to be true, I never really liked any tool that much: It never really *worked out* somehow: The Mobile Apps were bad, “Servers” did eat up too much performance, etc. etc.
And we don’t want to forget these little itching problems with privacy – thinking about Dropbox, G-Drive and the now closed source Bittorrent Sync…
Well – enter Syncthing:
In truth I can only say one thing: It works. It just, plainly, works for syncing data from your mobile devices to your swarm of servers or pcs.
So give it a shot :)!