[RaspPi] HDMIPi Repair and VGA Upgrade

Sadly, some weeks ago, the Micro USB Port of my HDMIPi broke.
I wrote an letter to Alex Eames, which is quite known for HDMIPi, RasPi.TV and his lattest Kickstarter Project the RasPiO Duino.
Alex is an awesome guy and gave me his blessings to try to repair that problem myself.
With some flux, a fine solder tip and soem patience, you can get that repaired in no time.
After succeeding, I created some strain-relief by using two-component epoxy resin to glue it down a bit. Highly recommended!

As I already saw the unused VGA pinout on the HDMIPi and had the screen taken apart, I decided to hack an old VGA Connector from an even older VGA ATI/S3 Trio/Dunno-something-very-old Graphics Card :). I just soldered it in – in it worked right away! However, due to the fact of the included 12mm M3 Spacers and the additional height of the board due to the VGA Connector, I could not attach the back plate of the HDMIPi. I don’t recall the exact size, but I think I came up with 18mm M3 Spacers which I only used to replace the original 3 Spacers on the bottom part of the HDMIPi. That way, the buttons of the Display would still be seated nicely and I could access the GPIO Ports of the RPi quite well.

Some photos:






[1841] Reset Password / Config, ROMMON Upgrade and Software Upgrade on Cisco 1841

1.) Reset Password / Config

– Connect to the router via Serial Cable

– Power on the router, but send a break during the first 60 seconds of boot time to get to the rommon CLI

– enter confreg 0x2142 followed by a reset

– Router is booting up, as soon as it does enter the system configuration dialog, answer the question with no

– enable

– conf t

– config-register 0x2102

– exit

– wr mem (because I just want to overwrite the old config :)!)

2.) ROMMON Upgrade

– Get the latest / needed ROMMON upgrade from Cisco

– Copy it i.e. to your CF card via Card Reader, TFTP or other means

– Boot up the router and enter privleged / enable mode

– Enter the upgrade command: upgrade rom-monitor file flash:<Filename>

– Answer yes to get the process starteted

– After the upgrade the router will reload

3.) Software Upgrade

– Get the latest/needed image from Cisco

– Just copy it to the CF card via Card Reader, TFTP or other means

– Reload

[Python] Python HTTP Server One Liner

As fidepus learned the “Python HTTP Server One Liner” from anyk, I needed to duplicate this wisdom myself – because I’ll forget it as well ;)!

These commands will start an HTTP server on the current directory, listening on Port 8080.

Python 2.X:
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Python 3.X:
python -m http.server

Original Post and Kudos to: http://www.fidepus.de/2014/05/python-server-one-liner/

[Win8.1] ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 on Windows 8.1 / 64 bit

As I wanted to use an older Notebook with ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 Graphics Chip, I needed to get an recent driver.
Sadly, ATI/AMD does not provide drivers for Win 8.1 / 64 Bit for this old chips.
However, with Digitalflem you can create your own “old/new” Driver:

1.) Download the ATI Catalyst 10.2 Windows 7 | Vista (64-bit) legacy driver, start the installation and abort it – so you got the files unzipped
( i.e. from http://downloads.guru3d.com/ATI-Catalyst-10.2-Windows-7-%7C-Vista-%2864-bit%29-download-2478.html )

2.) Download the latest ATI Catalyst Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit), start the installation and abort it – so you got the files unzipped
( i.e. from http://support.amd.com/de-de/download/desktop?os=Windows+8.1+-+64 )

3.) Download and install Digitalflem 2.0 from: http://digitalflem.mydiscussion.net/download

4.) Start Digitalflem 2.0 and follow the Guide: http://digitalflem.mydiscussion.net/guide